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I've invited a bunch more ppl, & I tried to remind folks w/outstanding invites. I really want to start this thing up soon... but not be yapping at myself (I do that enough as it is ;-).

One of the things absinthea created this comm. for was based on a conversation we had... & conversations a few of us have had over the years... talking about having a gathering of ye old gals where we'd shop, talk about clothes & stuff, have a fancy tea &/or dinner, & basically do all the frou-frou bits of a Convergence that we don't get enough of.

I have more specifics about that which I'd like to talk about, an actual event I'd like to propose, but I'll wait till more peeps show up. And if you don't show here, I'll be forced to chatter about it on my own LJ & bore a wider audience to tears!

Oh & if you know of folks who should be here -- either old-time a.g.fers or like-minded ppl, please suggest LJ names! The more the merrier, imo, as long as they're into it. Of course, absinthea can override me & bop me about the head if I'm way off base here :-)
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